Judges School

Judges school is THIS MONTH!!! We’re excited to start getting back in the swing of the flying season, and we hope you’ll join us for an AWESOME season of aerobatics.

3/18/2017 – Beginning/Refresher course
3/19/2017 – Advanced Course
Both days will begin around 0900
Location: Willamette Aviation, KUAO
Check out the facebook event page here: IAC 77 Judges School

If you’re interested in attending judges school, check out the event on our facebook page, or get a hold of us here, and please let us know ASAP so we can ensure we have enough materials for everyone. It’s going to be a great event, and as always, a lot of learning will be had by all.

Hope to see you there!

2017 Events!!

Date Event

Jan. 21 Chapter 77 Meeting

Feb. 18 Chapter 77 Meeting

Feb. 25–26 Northwest Aviation Conference, Puyallup, WA

Mar. 3-4 NWCAS Annual Convention, Richmond BC

Mar. 18-19 Chapter 77, Judges School

April 4-9 Sun & Fun

April 15 Chapter 77 Meeting

April 29-30 Chapter 67 Judges School & Aviat Mtnce Inspect-Pitts & Eagles

May 19-21 Chapter 77, Pendleton Acro Camp, Chapter mtg.

5/20 May 20 Paine Aviation Day

June 5-7 Chapter 67 Acro Camp #1, Ephrata, WA

June 8-10 Chapter 67 Acro Camp #2, Ephrata, WA

June 9-10 Warbirds over the West, McNary Field, Salem, OR

June 16-18 Olympia Air Show

June 23-24 Apple Cup/West Open Contest, Ephrata, WA

June 29-July 1 Corvallis Acro Camp #, Open Practice & Chapter Mtg

7/1 July 3 Gig Harbor Wings & Wheels

July 4 ` Tacoma Freedom Fair

July 7-9 Arlington Fly-In

July 10-12 Corvallis Acro Camp #2

July 14-15 Corvallis Contest

July 21-22 Can Am Contest, Cut Bank, MT

July 24-30 Air Venture, Oshkosh

Aug. 4-6 Seafair

Aug. 11-12 Chapter 77, Beaver State Regional Contest, Pendleton, OR

Aug. 25-26 Madras Air Show

Sept ??? Rocky Mountain House Contest Sept.

8-9 Apple Turnover Contest, Ephrata, WA

Sept. 9-10 WAAAM Hood River Fly In Sept.

9-17 WAC (South Africa)

Sept. 16 Chapter 77 Meeting

Sept. 22-24 Oregon International Airshow, Hillsboro, OR

Sept. 23-29 U.S. National Aerobatic Championship

Oct. 21 Chapter 77 Meeting

Nov. 18 Chapter 77 Meeting

Dec. 3-6 ICAS Convention

Dec 16 Chapter 77 Meeting

2016 Events!

Date                                                                                                                                      Event
January 16                                                                                             Chapter 77 Meeting
February 20                                                                                            Chapter 77 Meeting
February 20 – 21                              Northwest Aviation Conference, Puyallup, WA
March 19-20                                                                             Chapter 77, Judges School
April 5-10                                                                                                                     Sun & Fun
April 9-10                                              Chapter 67 Judges School & Bailout Seminar
April 16                                                                                                      Chapter 77 Meeting
May 12-14                                                                    Chapter 77, Pendleton Acro Camp
May 16                                                                                                          Paine Aviation Day
May 21                                                                                                         Chapter 77 Meeting
May 23-25                                                           Chapter 67 Acro Camp #1, Ephrata, WA
May 26-28                                                           Chapter 67 Acro Camp #2, Ephrata, WA
June 11                                                                                            Great Northwest Air Race
June 16-18                                                    Corvallis Acro Camp& Chapter Mtg (18th)
June 18-19                                                                                                     Olympia Air Show
June 24-25                                                                        Apple Cup Contest, Ephrata, WA
July 1-4                                                                                                    Tacoma Freedom Fair
July 2                                                                                             Gig Harbor Wings & Wheels
July 7 – 9                                                                                                               Arlington Fly-In
July 12-13                                                                                                   Corvallis Acro Camp
July 15-16                                                                                                         Corvallis Contest                     July 22-23                                                                           Cut Bank Contest, Cut Bank, MT
July 25 – 31                                                                                               Air Venture, Oshkosh
Aug. 4 – 14                                                                                                             WAAC (Poland)
Aug. 5-7                                                                                                                                  Seafair
Aug. 12-13                 Chapter 77, Beaver State Regional Contest, Pendleton, OR
Aug. 26-27                                                                                                         Madras Air Show
Sept. 2-3                                                                              Rocky Mountain House Contest
Sept. 2-4                                          WAAM Vintage Aviation Weekend, Hood River, OR
Sept 9-10                                                                 Apple Turnover Contest, Ephrata, WA
Sept. 17                                                                                                        Chapter 77 Meeting
Sept. 23-30                                                          U.S. National Aerobatic Championship
Oct. 15                                                                                                          Chapter 77 Meeting
Nov. 19                                                                                                         Chapter 77 Meeting
Dec. 5-8                                                                                                              ICAS Convention
Dec 17                                                                                                           Chapter 77 Meeting
Bold italics are chapter 77 events

Aerobatic Practice Area

For those of you interested, Jim has temporary aerobatic practice areas at KCVO planned for:

 and from
Just contact us here or Jim directly if you’re interested in flying in a box! This APA is fantastic as it is directly over the Corvallis airport which puts you out of the way of all traffic, but gives you great turn around times for getting into and out of the box. There currently are no box markers, but the airport grounds themselves make a pretty good box, and we’ll brief you on that when you arrive.

Upcoming Meetings

An update on the June meeting for everyone.

This meeting will be held in Corvallis Aero Service at KCVO, 1000 June 20. There will be a temporary aerobatic practice area open at the Corvallis airport, so we will be holding a patch day as well (look for an upcoming post on patches). You should definitely fly into this meeting to take advantage of a great practice area and ground critiquing right before Apple Cup the next weekend!

Also, the May meeting is rapidly approaching and is this Saturday at KUAO, 1000.